民秋 清史, Kiyohumi Tamiaki

広島県出身。グロービス経営大学院、矢崎ノースアメリカ勤務を経て、2007年にモルテンに入社される。取締役兼執行役員として海外営業や経営企画、広報部門を担当され、2010年より現職。スポーツ用品、自動車部品、医療・福祉機器、マリン・産業用品の4事業を展開されている。それぞれの商品のユーザー、及びモルテンで働く社員の「可能性」を信じ、世の中をより良い場所にするために『Moving with Possibilities』という信念のもとで常に新しいチャレンジを続けられている。

From Hiroshima. After studying at the Graduate School of Management, Globis University, and working at Yazaki North America, he joined Molten in 2007. He worked as a director and executive officer, before inaugurating as a CEO. Believing in the “possibilities” of the users of each product and the employees of Molten, he is constantly taking on new challenges under the belief of “Moving with Possibilities” to make the world a better place.

畑 幸壯, Koso Hata


From Hiroshima. He is the fourth master of Hata Bunshidou, a Fude workshop with over 90 years of history. He produces high-quality Kawajiri fude, a type of Japanese brush, in Kure, Hiroshima, which requires about 70 manufacturing processes performed by a single craftsman. Due to the aging of craftsmen, only a few of his generation remain. However, he continues to promote Kawajiri fude for the development of Japanese culture by succeeding and innovating the traditional techniques of fude making.

弓削 類, Louis Yuge

福岡県出身。金沢大学医学部付属病院にて勤務後、シアトル大学、アルバータ大学へ留学される。留学中にNASAの宇宙医科学開発プロジェクトに参加。帰国後広島大学にて博士号を取得され、 広島大学大学院保健学研究科講師、助教授を経て現職。「人のためになる研究」をモットーに大学教授として研究、学生の指導に当たられるだけでなく、大学発ベンチャー企業の立ち上げやNASAケネディー宇宙センターの諮問委員会委員としての活動、さらにはジョージアの医師らと連携し、ウクライナの患者への医療支援に取り組まれるなど、世界を相手に幅広く活躍されている。

From Fukuoka. After working at Kanazawa University Hospital, he studied at the University of Seattle and the University of Alberta and has participated in NASA’s Space Medical Science Development Project. After receiving Ph.D. from Hiroshima University, he worked as a lecturer and assistant professor, and is now, a professor. He has been researching and teaching students with the motto of “research for the benefit of others. He has been active in a wide range of projects, such as establishing a venture, serving on the advisory board of NASA’s Kennedy Space Center, and working with doctors in Georgia to provide medical assistance to patients in Ukraine.

渡部 朋子, Tomoko Watanabe


From Hiroshima. Founded ANT-Hiroshima in 1989 while working as the executive director of a law firm. She has participated in civic activities such as community development, international exchange, and peace-building. She is engaged in his own peace-building activities not only in Japan but also in other countries around the world. She also shares the spirit of peace based on these activities with children through lifelong learning and school education.